Monday, June 14, 2010

Tang Zhong Bread Dough Vs Potato Bread Dough

I prepared some rolls & buns for picnic (went with Eve, MF and their kids) on last Thu.  I decided to try out 2 different bread doughs for some rolls & buns to see which one would give me a softer result.

Here r the bread doughs I used: the tang zhong bread dough and potato bread dough.  Both recipes were get from Carol's.  The tang zhong bread dough was the one I used on last bread posting - the milky sausage rolls.

Ingredients for potato bread dough:

150g mashed potato
240g high protein flour
30g low protein flour
30g sugar
3/4 instant yeast
1 egg
90cc milk
30g butter
1/8 salt

The method is the same as tang zhong bread dough.

Now, let's compare the doughs, the one in front is having tang zhong bread dough and the one further behind is potato bread dough:

Sausage rolls

Sambal ikan bilis (Malaysian anchovies chili in can) bun

Butter & sugar buns

The inner look of sausage bun with tang zhong dough

The inner look of sausage bun with potato dough

Seriously speaking, there aren't any different when the buns & rolls just out of the oven, look wise, taste wise and the softness too.  During picnic at the next morning, I still can't tell the different.  I had 2 again for tea at the later afternoon, and I could tell I preferred the potato dough from tang zhong, as the tang zhong were a very little bit drier than the potato's.

If u happen to compare these doughs, please tell me ur result and opinion, ok?

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