Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Mayo Chicken Sandwich and Sago Jelly Bento (223)

Made a very small and simple bento for little girl today as she has class duty and she left school earlier today.  As it's the report card collection day, which mean I'm going to school to meet up with her teacher and she get to leave right after the meeting.  Overall, I'm quite satisfy with little girl's results, hope she'll keep it up.

Bento was made in 15 minutes, mainly on the preparation of the mayo chicken.

A mayo chicken sandwich and 2 marshmallows...

... and a small bowl of sago jelly with strawberry syrup

Note of the day with Ditto from Pokemon

Little girl likes this mayo chicken sandwich so much that she ate 2 for breaky!  Don know it was due to the mayo chicken or the cuteness of the sandwich :)

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