Saturday, June 5, 2010

Pan Fried Pepperoni Pizza Bento (220)

SIL bought me a long stick of beef pepperoni last Sun, I don know what to do with it, until this morning.  I was out of sandwich bread or pita bread, so trying to think of something going along with the pepperoni, my brain reminded me of the frozen roti canai dough.

Pan fried pepperoni pizza with roti canai

So, u can see here, the pan fried pepperoni pizza with roti canai as pizza base.  It is easy & simple to prepare this:

  1. Pan fried the frozen roti canai (one side only) for about 2 minutes or until it turned golden brown
  2. Remove from pan, on the cooked side, spread ketchup, line the pepperoni, and top with lots of cheddar & mozzarella cheese
  3. Move roti back to pan, cover the lid, cook with low fire until the cheese melted and the bottom of the base turn golden brown.  Serve while warm
This pizza is very delicious, the base is very crispy and it goes very well with the pepperoni too.  Little girl had 1/2 for brunch, 1/4 for bento, and the remaining for me & hubby :)

I used about 15 minutes to cook and assemble the bento.

Beef pepperoni pizza, guava and some fruity sweets

Note of the day with Cherrim from Pokemon

It will be the mid-year holiday for the children in Malaysia, thus there won't be any bento posting for the coming 2 weeks, happy holiday!

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