Monday, June 21, 2010

Zhong Zi 粽子 Bento (221)

Hi, I'm back from the 2 weeks idling!  Wished to have a longer holiday, where I able to sleep as much as possible and wake up without the noise of the alarm, sigh...

To start off with an interesting bento, I made little girl 2 bears from the zhong zi.  This bento took me about 15 minutes to assemble.

From left: a nougat, 5 thick slices of cucumber, a mini yellow alkaline zhong zi with some brown sugar, an apple gummy and 2 savory zhong zi bear-bears

Note of the day with Chikorita from Pokemon

A week before Duan Wu Festival 端午節, and just after we received the 1st batch of zhong zi...

Me:  Girl, u wanna eat zhong zi?
LG:  YES!  * She ran to me happily, thought of having the yellow zhong zi which is her fav *
Me:  But we don have the yellow zhong zi, only the salty zhong zi.
LG:  Ooh... * showing me a long face *  I don wanna eat loh mai kai.
Me:  These r not loh mai kai, dear, there is no chicken in the zhong zi, it is pork.
LG:  * Suddenly *  I know what to call it!  Loh Mai PIG!  * kept giggling *

Ever since, among my little family, zhong zi r known as those yellow ones and loh mai pig r those with salty mushroom and pork!


HK Choo said...

That's very creative, how did you do that, dismantle the savoury zhong zi and use a bear mould? The conversation had me in stitches, it can also be called "loh mai chu"? Just kidding..

kel said...

U r right, HK, I used the bear mould :p easy & fast mah! Haha, kids can always make one laughs with their good imagination, what about loh mai pork :p