Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Mao Mao 毛毛 Bento (222)

I believed some of u who understand Chinese may be shocked when u see the title, the 毛毛 is not hair nor anything like it but it is the name of a dog.  To be precise, 毛毛 is a miniature poodle, a shy, quiet, cute and fluffy little dog who belongs to our friend: McL and his misses JaneY.  We went to their house on a Fri evening during the holiday, and it was our 1st time meeting 毛毛 and its mate Cash, an active, happy and a rather too friendly Jack Russell.  At the beginning, little girl was afraid of both dogs, especially Cash, which like to hop on us when we got close to it.  As for little 毛毛, it would hide behind the sofa whenever we went near it, it was so shy.  To let little girl get close to 毛毛, JaneY and McL would hold on 毛毛 and kept asking little girl to touch its paws, cuddled its head, then slowly let 毛毛 licked her hand.  They even let her hugged 毛毛 on her lap and took a few photos together.  Since then, not only little girl, hubby too (one who dislike dogs), r so in love with 毛毛, we would talk of 毛毛, googled for some poodle photos.  Little girl had suggested some names to us as if she will own one soon :p  Hubby has agreed to get her one, when she is slightly older, may b another year or 2 later, wohoo!  Thanks McL & JaneY, we'll have a poodle soon!

Ok now, back to my bento :p  I had this theme in mind after seeing little girl loves the dog so much.  I made it as a surprise this morning, with leftover rice and the veggies we had last nite.  The bento was ready in about 25 minutes.

From top left: fish cake sticks, 毛毛 onigiri, a triangle bowl of mushroom & kai lan stem, 2 heart nuggets, some cucumber sticks and a container of mayo
I felt so sorry that I made 毛毛 so unlike it and ugly :(

Note of the day with 毛毛
So I drew it base on the photo it took with little girl, she was very satisfy with the drawing :)


HK Choo said...

At first I thought it was mao-mao-rain, hahah..
Your drawing is good!

kel said...

:) Thanks for the comment, I was surprise to see my own drawing too, can't believe I able to draw nicely ;p