Friday, June 25, 2010

Cucumber & Soba Maki Bento (225)

Didn't make this maki for little girl for such a long time, it reappear in my mind again last nite :p

After cooking & washing the soba, I marinated it with a tablespoon of men tsuyu (concentrated noodle soup), then wrapped into maki.  Bento took about 25 minutes to complete.

Cucumber & soba maki, an tea egg (from 優之良品), a slice of marble cheese brownie and 4 orange wedges

Note of the day with Jigglypuff from Pokemon
Little girl insisted me to draw the little microphone as it is Jigglypuff's 'weapon' helping it to put its enemies to sleep by singing a lullaby (listen to it below & beware it'll put u to sleep!)


javapot said...

this looks very interesting, esp. once they are cut. wondering if noodles fall out?? tks

kel said...

I asked LG just now, she said no, the noodles stayed as it was, the maki didn't change its look :)