Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Nyonya Kuih & Fish Balls Bento (218)

Little girl loves nyonya kuih.  She used to enjoy kuih talam very much, til one day she told me that she dislike the white part of the kuih, cos it was too salty, and from then on, she refused to eat it.  Then I introduced her the kuih serimuka, oh my, she loves it so much, I think it is bcos she likes to eat glutinous rice.

I bought her the kuih serimuka from night market yesterday and decided to let her try out the kuih talam again.  I cut the kuihs to small pieces this morning for breakfast and the bento.  Little girl did not complain of the saltiness of the kuih talam this time. She almost cleaned the bowl of kuihs til I stopped her, cos I afraid she may suffer from constipation if she take in too much glutinous rice :p

I used about 15 minutes to cut the kuihs smaller, skewered the food with animal picks, skinned the big lychee and packed everything into box.

In elephant & giraffe picks: kuih serimuka 
In tiger & lion picks: kuih talam

In bunny & chick picks: halved lobster ball & grape tomato
In panda & koala bear picks: cheesy tofu ball & grape tomato

In dog & monkey picks: big & juicy seeded lychee king from Taiwan

Note of the day with Memetchi from Tamagotchi

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Adegea said...

Soooo cute bento, we love the animal picks and the variety of food.