Monday, June 14, 2010

Sweet Potato Balls 蕃薯蛋/地瓜球

Found this fried sweet potato balls recipe last week, since I'm free at home with little girl today, and having some sweet potatoes sitting in the pantry, I made a small batch of 27 balls.


200g mashed sweet potato
50g glutinous rice powder
15g sweet potato powder
25g sugar
20g lard (I used corn oil)

  1. Mix mashed sweet potato and the rest of ingredients together, combined and knead slowly until forming a dough
  2. Roll the dough to a long strip, divide into equal portions and roll them into balls
  3. With a sauce pan, heat oil til reaching 110C, put in sweet potato balls, fry until they are floated, lightly turn the balls and fry them until golden brown.  Drain oil and serve.

While the balls were still warm, they were crispy at outside and gooey at the center, I like the texture but funny that little girl dislike it.  Once they were cool, they turned soft and gooey, still nice to eat.


Lia Chen said...

Hi Kel! How are you? This sweet potato balls look very yummy ... great for snack time and bento too ;)

kel said...

Hi, Lia Chen, am enjoying the school holiday now :) Thanks, these sweet potato balls were yummy but a bit too oily, felt very regretful after eating them :p

javapot said...

looks yummy - we normally slice them up and fry them with some batter (the easier way :)).

kel said...

Thanks, javapot. :) just wanna try out something different.