Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Black Bento (200)

It is such a coincident that my 200th bento and the birthday of Kel's Place (Kel's Place will be 3 yrs old on 9 May) fall in the same month :)  I can't imagine I'd been bentoing & blogging for this long and still enjoying it so much :p

I really don know what to make for the 200th bento, since I had kyaraben for the 100th (Kirby Mouse Bentos), I thot of doing it again, but was pulled back by my laziness :p  And moreover, I can't make a big bento for little girl as it fall on Wed, which is her duty day.  With all of the constraints (or excuses), I ended up making sushi/maki, little girl's fav.

At the beginning, I thot of making something like this, however it didn't turn up as what I expected, and I gotta quickly transformed those failures into something else...

... to something like this

When little girl saw all the black maki laying in her fav My Melody bento box, she told me that she don wanna an ugly bento, ok, fine, gotta think think think again....

I spent approximately 1 and half hour for this bento, of course was due to the failure, spent so much time on wrapping the maki nicely, sigh...

The end result: black maki (layers of rice, egg, mayo, cucumber, cheese cocktail and rice), garnished with some rabbit & butterfly shapes egg sheet and a tube of soy sauce

Dessert: grass jelly & orange slices

Me:  Girl, what can u see in this?  * pointing at the dessert box *
LG:  Z
Me:  No, 'tek', wrong!
LG:  * looking hard at the desserts * TWO!
Me:  What else?
LG:  2 bear bear!
Me:  Hahaha... wrong, guess again...
LG:  200!
Me:  Bingo!  U r right!

Note of the day

Since it is a special day, I added Piano into the note to cheer up little girl :p


javapot said...

congrats...look forward to more cute notes and bentos.

kel said...

Thanks, javapot. Didn't see ur posting lately, been bz?

Lia Chen said...

Congrats Kel! You've done a lot in your blogging and I'm looking forward to more great posting in the future. Have been enjoying reading your blog :)

kel said...

Thanks for ur comment, Lia Chen, it really boost my blogging ego :)

Emily said...

Congratulations on both auspicious events! laptop out of service hence not logging on enuf these few weeks!

kel said...

Tq, Emily, hope u'll be back with more posting soon :)