Monday, May 17, 2010

3 Colors Milk Tea 三色奶茶 & Something to Teachers

Little girl has been busy doing her revisions for the past 2 days.   I let her studied & did her workbooks on Moral and Chinese Maths subjects on Sat.  As for the relaxing part, I let her had a bit of cartoons in between, cooked her the favorite Pan Mee and she got to enjoy the spa bath again after a hectic day.

As for Sun, let her studied on Malay & Chinese Science subjects, she is slightly better with the Malay this time, both of us were not struggling too much this round, phew!  I made her this drink to cheer her up - the 3 colors milk tea with grass jelly.

Able to see the 3 colors clearly b4 stirring

Ingredients (all rough estimate only, as I didn't measure the ingredients)
100ml hot tea
50ml cold milk
1 tbsp gula Melaka syrup
2 tbsp grass jelly, chopped
lot of ice cubes

  1. Pour gula Melaka syrup to a tall glass
  2. Scoop in lot of ice cubes and chopped grass jelly into the glass
  3. Gently & slowly pour in cold milk, then follow with the tea.  Serve
  4. Stir before drinking

The usual looking ice milk tea with grass jelly

In between of the revision, little girl decided to make her teachers something as the school is going to celebrate Teacher's day on Mon.

She made 5 of these for each of the teachers who teach her

For the form teacher who teaches her Chinese, English Math, Chinese Math, English Science and Moral subjects

For the teacher who teaches Chinese Science 

For her Malay and PE subject teacher

For her English, Music and Art class teacher

Lastly, for the computer class teacher

After all her revisions, I was feeling a bit relief, hope she'll do fine for the exams in next 3 days.


Lia Chen said...

Hi Kel! How are you? I'm sure this drink will fresh her up. Fresh me up too ... :) Wish all the best for your girl's exam!

kel said...

Hi, Lia Chen, fine here, but a bit stress due to little girl's exam :p Glad u like the drink too and thanks of ur wish.