Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Bentuk-bentuk (Shapes) Bento (210)

Little girl is going to sit her BM paper today, a language paper that she is not confident with.  We did plenty of revisions together over the weekend to get her prepared, hope she will do fine in the exam.

I thot of the theme of this bento last nite, as I plan to make her salmon onigiri using the triangle rice mold I had, and with the rest of the food I bought from the night market.

Used about 15 minutes to complete the bento.

When I took the pic of the bento, I wanna little girl to tell me the shapes in BM again:

Top - bulat, cheese fish ball
Bottom: bujur, lobster ball

Segi tiga, salmon onigiri

Segi empat tepat, steamed cake

Segi empat sama - grass jelly

Note of the day with Pichu from Pokemon
(Forgot to snap a pic of the note today, cropped it from the 1st pic)


Kids Dream Work said...

What a good way to revise BM with your kid! You have so many ejaan in one bento! I love to make spelling theme bento for revision with my boy but usually is just one word per bento. I can certainly use this idea, so many spelling in one go! :D

Lia Chen said...

Great Kel! This bento will help her a lot to remind the shapes in BM. My son also have a problem with Bahasa, perhaps he speak a lot English at home and we didn't encourage him to speak Bahasa so his vocabulary is very limited. Ahh always love your drawing on your lovely note :)

kel said...

Hahaha... hi, Kids Dream Work, glad u like the idea of the bento. Just visited ur blog, u have plenty of bento & craft ideas too, thumbs up!

kel said...

Hi, Lia Chen, same here with my girl, speaks only English & Chinese at home. Well, sorry to say, I myself don find it useful, force to study it just bcos we r here.