Friday, May 7, 2010

Mashed Potato & Azuki Bento (202)

Spent quite a long morning in the kitchen, cooking breakfast, little girl's fav fried bacon & egg, then prepared the bento.

I can't really tell the time used today, as I had been in & out, doing this & that simultaneously.

Azuki (one of the Cinnamonangels) is made of mashed potato stuffed with a halved cheese cocktail, crab stick for the flowers & mouth and seaweed for the eyes
The rest in the bento r some flowers made of crab stick wrapped with egg sheet, hearts cheese cocktail and pear slices (at the top right corner)

A little container of mushroom gravy and some bit & pieces from the cheese cocktail and crab stick

Little girl's Azuki purse and note of the day

There was an incident happened today which really worried me at the beginning but ended with a good laugh.  As little girl's teacher called me during mid school time, she informed me that little girl was having tummy ache, went to toilet couple times and looked really sick.  I was so worried after putting down the phone, quickly rushed over to the school, and as always, there would be traffic jam whenever u need to hurry, and it took me about 20 minutes (usually a less than 10 minutes drive) to reach school.  The children r having recess when I reach there.  And when I walked near little girl's class, I saw her skipping happily from the canteen, with no sign of any sickness at all, o.0  We met little girl's teacher, I thanked her for calling and after confirmed that little girl is fine, little girl told us she wanna continued the remaining classes.  Actually she didn't have any diarrhea, though went to toilet for couple of times, really poo only once, and she claimed that she felt ok after the poo-poo.  Phew, what a relief...

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