Monday, May 17, 2010

Cat's Ear Noodle 貓耳朵 Bento (208)

I kept a small dough from the pan mee I cooked last Sat, for little girl's lunch and the bento today.  This morning, instead of making the usual flat & thin pieces of pan mee, I rolled tiny balls and pressed the balls with my thumb to form 'cat's ear', which resemble a kind of noodle - maoerduo 貓耳朵 in Beijing or the Orecchiette pasta of Italy.

The cooked cat's ear noodles r mixed with a dash of oyster sauce, soy sauce and garlic oil.  Bento was ready within 1/2 hour.

Cat's ear noodles on a bed of blanched Sabah potato leaves, 3 quail eggs with chick's expression, 2 fish ball and 5 pieces of watermelon

Note of the day

As the school is celebrating teacher's day today, little girl took a small bag to school for the 1st time, see:

Only the homework needed to pass-up, pencil box, color pencils, the bento, water tumbler and the gifts to teachers in the bag

Boy, how I wish little girl able to bring such a small bag to school everyday... really pity the kids in Malaysia, sigh....


Lia Chen said...

The bento looks delish! I ate that kind of noodle in Hong Kong before but forgot what they called it there. So unique! Ahh ... my kids also have to bring a heavy bag everyday with a lot of books, textbooks, homeworks, school projects, etc.

kel said...

Hi, Lia Chen, there must b something wrong with the education now, forcing kids to take tons of books and stress them so much instead of enjoying their childhood :(

javapot said...

sonny didn't mention Teacher's Day so i didn't prepare anything :(

kel said...

Hahaha.... He must have forgotten about it due to the exam, don feel bad, javapot :)