Friday, May 14, 2010

Nugget & Lettuce Stuffed Mantou Bento (207)

Little girl requested chicken nuggets for bento last nite, I told her I would make her nugget burger with mantou and she was thrilled to hear that.

In the morning, while I get the 2 mantou steamed in the rice cooker and 3 chicken nuggets toasted in the toaster oven, I shredded the lettuce thinly.  It is pretty easy to prepare the mantou burger, just halve the mantou and nugget, cut an opening at the halved mantou but not to cut it thru, stuffed halved nugget, shredded lettuce and squeeze in the mayo.

Bento was ready in about 20 minutes, inclusive of steaming and toasting time.

After breakfast, little girl was busy doing her mental arithmetic exercises and I was preparing questions for her revision (to get her ready for the exam coming next week), I had totally forgotten the time and gotta rush out from home in order to send her to school in time.  Don worry, I did feed her lunch b4 we were rushing out :p


HK Choo said...

Nice idea with this improvised 'burger'.

kel said...

I tell u, HK, this burger r very delicious, little girl able to finish the 2 in her bento!