Friday, May 21, 2010

Nestum Cake & Sausage Rolls Bento (212)

Little girl said she wanna have the nestum cake for her bento snack, well, that make my life easy & turn me lazy, thus just halved 2 pieces of the cake, rolled 2 cheese cocktails with lettuce & seaweed, cut some watermelon, and done.

Took less than 10 minutes to get this bento ready.

4 small pieces of nestum cake, 4 sausage rolls, some watermelon cubes and 2 marshmallows

Note of the day with Phanpy from Pokemon

Lastly, showing u the art homework drew by little girl, with the theme 'sea creatures':


Muna said...

awww...u'r such a loving and deidicated mom..those little notes really touched me..i bet your little girl when she grows up she will treasure them forever :)

kel said...

Thanks, Muna, for ur kind comment.