Monday, May 10, 2010

Pasta Salad & Cutie Quail Eggs (203)

The box of this cute pasta has been sitting in my pantry for so so so long, finally dig it out and use it for the lunch and bento.

If not inclusive the time cooking and printing the quail eggs, the bento was ready within 15 minutes, for cooking the pasta, mix it with diced cucumber, a dash of mayo and pinch of pepper.  The grass jelly was cut last nite, thus only place it in after placing the pasta.

Pasta salad with 2 quail eggs, grass jelly, grapes and a tub of furikake

Close up of the quail eggs, can u see the dog and rabbit print?

Note of the day with Pankunchi
Little girl said that it is too fat :D

Little girl started her full revision yesterday for her coming exam, I let her study/doing the workbooks for an hour then rest for 1/2 hour and repeated for 3 times.  By the time she finished her revision, it was close to 5pm, we brought her to the TTDI park, to rest her mind and eyes.  She gotta eat her favorite lamb chop for dinner and had a spa bath (with the fragrant bath powder I bought from Japan) to relax further, boy, she really had fun and enjoyed her 'spa' so much.  Promise her that she may get to have spa bath on every exam (only on those Sunday b4 exam), and she now won't say that she hate exam :p

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