Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Food from Pasar Malam & Grandma Bento (205)

Let little girl tried out this reddish fried lobster balls last Tue (bought from SS3 nite market), she loves it so much that she wanna 2 sticks with 6 balls this Tue, ate a stick on the journey home (after school) and kept the other for the bento.

I bought the veggie gao zhi 餃子 from the same night market as little girl likes the skin very much.  The wantons were fried by mum last nite, kept a few for the bento.  Thus, u may imagine how much time I used in the bento since they r none cooking involved at all :p

2 fried lobster balls, 3 fried wantons, 1 gao zhi, a few cucumber slices and some ketchup & mayo in the container

Note of the day with Chiffon
Lately, little girl would pull her little Sanrio characters book and pointed to me which character she wanna appears on the note, sigh... it is getting tougher to write the note now...

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