Thursday, September 3, 2009

Sandwich Sushi Bento (104)

This is the 1st bento for little girl after her 2 weeks long holiday. The idea of making the sandwich sushi was inspired by Magic Bread (the bread recipe book from sifu Mr. Alex Goh), hehehe... I admit I wanna squeezed back all the money I spent on this book =)

Though this should be a simple bento, but I took a slow & easy pace this morning to complete the bento, used half an hour in total to complete plus washing up.

Made 2 types of sandwich sushi: fried chicken + cucumber sandwich sushi (top) and artificial crab stick + cucumber sandwich sushi (bottom). I squeezed some mustard & mayo into the sandwich sushi too to enhance the taste.

The remaining fried chicken (I bought from night market) at the bottom, 2 hard-boiled quail eggs and a little container (the green bird) full of mayo.

I bought this beautiful pink color cherry tomato from night market too, they r so pinky & cute.

Little girl loves oranges, she oledi wanna attacked those orange slices b4 leaving to school!

Sad to report that little girl don really fancy this sandwich sushi, she only took 1 piece of the fried chicken sandwich sushi, whereas the rest was remain untouch. As 4 the whole bento, she finished up the fruits, 2 quail eggs, 1 piece of fried chicken and 1 piece of sandwich bread.

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