Monday, September 28, 2009

Crunchy Potato Crackers

Didn't get to bake for a few days, and my hands were so so so itchy.... ;p

I had been frequented Carol's blog (it is in Chinese), love all her recipes and the detailed steps she posted. I browsed thru her archives few days ago and found this interesting potato biscuits, since I had the ingredients (almost), and I just love crunchy savory biscuit, must go all in to try out the recipe ;).

The ingredients are simple:

200g mashed potato
60g potato starch
30g vegetable oil

1 1/2 tsp pop-corn white cheddar cheese seasoning
a pinch of dried parsley flakes

The problem I faced in this recipe was I didn't have enough potato starch (though it required only a wee bit), I looked into my pantry, found the leftover joshinko flour, I smartly top it to the remaining potato starch. Moreover, I didn't have a proper measurement cup to measure the small quantity of oil (the smallest measurement in the cup is 100ml), thus I just wildly guessing the quantity.

The potato mixture dough turned out on the oily side, quite difficult to transfer it to the baking tray after flatten and molding.

Then came to the baking time, after the 1st batch were out from the oven (according to the suggested time stated in Carol's blog), I found most of the biscuits still soft at the center. Therefore, after the 2nd batch was out, I send both batches to the oven again for another 10 minutes. That was why my biscuits came out so tan comparing with Carol's :(

The verdict: Though they were too tan/dark, they were very very crunchy. Also, as I didn't add in the salt as suggested by Carol, thought that the cheddar cheese seasoning would be salty enough, but I was wrong, it just added a hint of saltiness only, well, overall, it still tasted fine, just as tasty ;p

I let little girl ate it after her school, she just couldn't stop herself from stealing it from the the jar, and by the time she stopped, it was left with about 5 pieces only! Can u imagine how tasty it was?


Emily said...

Oh Y.U.M.M.S. this sounds yummilious!

kel said...

* Cruak, coop, coop, coop * (chewing on the biscuits)
Yes, they were, addictive too.

Emily said...

BTW which one of the two recipes from Carol's blog is yours?

The first square one or the second round/heart shaped crackers?

kel said...

I followed the main ingredients from her recipe only, it was neither from 1st nor 2nd, as I added different seasoning.