Friday, September 11, 2009

Hello Kitty & Friends Mashed Potato Bento (108)

Little girl ordered mashed potato for her last bento, but since I didn't have potatoes in stock, promised her to make it today. Thus last nite, we went to get russet potatoes which turned very fluffy & creamy after mashing.

I cooked and pre-mashed the potatoes last nite, just wanna speed things up for the morning. I didn't think of how to decorate the bento until this morning, therefore, eh... I used about 45 minutes to complete this bento plus cleaning.

Hello Kitty (made of plain mashed potato, ham as nose, carrot as ribbon bow and seaweed as eyes & whiskers) went to the park (Yeah! Park again, little girl always wanna me to make her park or garden theme again & again)...

with her friends - the rabbit twins (made of ham & cucumber mashed potato, carrot as flower on girl rabbit and seaweed as their eyes, nose & mouth). Each of the rabbit was holding a balloon with animal print (quail eggs with food pick)

There r some bamboo (cucumber sticks at bottom) and flowers (carrots & edamame) at the park

Then another friend - bear-bear (a container of brown sauce) came to join them. He was showing them a cutie lady bug on a tulip (a container of mayo)

Actually I laid a bed of lettuce at the bottom of the bento box, so that the mash potato wouldn't stick to the box. The bento was quite loose after putting in all the characters, I stuffed in edamame as the green in the park.

For dessert, I put in watermelon ...

and half an orange.

Little girl kept 1 of the rabbit, a few edamame and 1 quail egg for her snack later. She loved this mashed potato (using russet potatoes really made a different, she used to refused those mashed potato I made by using normal potatoes bought from market), she enjoyed eating it with the brown sauce (the McCormick's instant mushroom gravy mix). She left with 1 quail egg, 1 carrot flower, portion of the lettuce and half of those orange, not bad, at least she ate up all the mashed potatoes.

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