Monday, September 28, 2009

Fish Ball Twin Bento (112)

After having holiday (1st, off 1 week for H1N1, then 1 week school holiday, after returning to school for 2 weeks, off for 1 week of Hari Raya holiday again) weeks after weeks, my brain had turned rusty and couldn't work properly. Well, basically I really turn idle & lazy during little girl's school holidays ;p.

I cooked the low shi fan for little girl's bento and for my lunch, as everything was cooked from scratch, thus it took me a longer time to get things done. This bento was ready in about 45 minutes.

The twin sister (seaweed fish balls) on a bed of fried low shi fan.

Watermelon balls, grapes and strawberry flavored sago jelly

Again, the sister on the left...

the one on the right.

As little girl came to canteen quite late after her yoga, she had only about 10 minutes to finish up her lunch. However, my little slow eater just couldn't eat fast, therefore she left a bit of the fried low shi fan, finished the watermelon and decided to keep the rest of the grapes and sago jelly for her snack later.


javapot said...

cute bento - the fish balls look like rain drops don't they?

kel said...

Thanks, javapot! I tried to think of what it might resemble, but my rusty brain couldn't think well that day.