Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Honey Soda Bread

I didn't get to bake bread since last Thu as my parent's house is under renovation, and I don have a proper mixer at home to knead the bread dough (lazy to hand-knead it myself).

I came upon this honey soda bread from another blog that I had been hopping to often - Angie's Recipes. The soda bread neither need a long kneading process nor proofing time which really interest the lazy me.

I measured everything up last nite, so that I'd be able to start right away after I waked up (purposely waked up early to bake this). During the measuring, I realized that I had very few raisins (50g) left in the pantry, think-think-think, dig out the chocolate chips, aiyoh, after adding to the raisins, they weighted 100g only, still have 80g to meet, dig further, found some toffee bits, no choice, threw it in to accomplished the total 180g. Have to be creative sometimes. =)

Also, I had cut down the honey to 1/4 cup as the toffee bits are very sweet, but added another 10g extra of the yogurt.

While it was having 'sun-bathing' in the oven, it gave the similar aroma as baking bread, I was enjoying sniffing on the aroma while FBing with a mug of warm honey, what a great morning!

Now, coming to the taste of the bread, good & very filling, of course the texture have no similarity to the spongy type, it is closer to scone or shortcake, in between of cake & cookie. I ate the 2 pieces above with a mug of coffee (at about 9.30am) and it has lasted me til now (about 2pm), filling-huh!

Little girl ate a piece, she dislike the crust (just as always), and declared that she don wanna have it for breakfast 2moro, think she prefer those soft & spongy bread more. Aiyoh! I really have to hand-knead some soft bread for her now...

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