Saturday, September 5, 2009

Coconut Bun (Specially Baked for Ah Ba)

My dad has been hinting me to bake this coconut bun for quite few times, then last Thu mum agreed to stir fry the coconut floss filling if I could find her the recipe. I found it in the Kuali site, however mum added some chopped sugared winter melon and toasted sesame seed as per dad's request.

I baked them all (19 of the little buns) in a cake tin, look beautiful isn't it?

Just look at those shinny buns...

I was about to present this to my dad, however....

About an hour or 2 hours later after those buns were out from oven, I wanted to tear out 1 for dad to try out & bringing some back home. While I was tearing it, I realize... omg! It was not cook!!! I was out of my mind that day, and I don know what happen to me, I bake those babies for just 15 minutes only, of course it wouldn't be cook as they were squeezing together tightly.

I quickly pre-heat the oven, put in the buns to cook up for another 15 minutes, but those bun just don wanna be co-operated. Therefore, I gotta brought those buns out from oven again, tore them apart from each other, then re-bake. At last, they were cook (they tasted fine) but they look so terribly ugly til I got no mood to take photo... sigh! So sorry, Ah Ba (this is how I'm calling my dad)! I promised him I'd bake him a better looking batch very soon.

Early this week, I told mum I'm gonna bake this coconut buns again, asked her to buy & cook those filling 1 more time. And * ta da... * here is a batch I baked yesterday, I made them as individual buns this time, of course they were baked nicely, cooked and yummy! Mum said they looked like those store bought buns, so now I could proudly present this buns to my ah ba!

P/s The recipe of the sweet bread dough for the buns was from Mr Alex Goh's Magic Bread.


(( SKY )) said...

They look so good.
I hope I can soon learn how to make some.

kel said...

Hi, (( SKY )), thanks. If u r interested with the recipe, either buy the 'Magic Bread' of Alex Goh or let me know, I'll email u the recipe, but shh... don let Alex Goh know-huh ;p

marion0916 said... are you? those breads looks so yummy! can you tell me where can i buy the book, pls? thanks!

kel said...

Hi, marion0916, I'm fine, u? Thanks 4 ur comments.

U may get the book from any book store in M'sia & S'pore. If u can't get hold of it, let me know, I can email u the recipe of the basic bread dough.