Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Thief Onigiri Bento (110)

Don know what to make for little girl even until the morning, I simply opened the fridge to see what I had inside, found a container of leftover rice, hm... didn't make her onigiri for a long time, why not.

I cooked 2 quail eggs, mashed them with mayo for the filling inside the onigiri. I think due to the softness of the filling and the hardness of the leftover rice, it was so difficult for me to press them into shape. I pan fried (without oil) the onigiri for a minute and lightly brushed some soya sauce on each side, then wrapped a strip of nori around the onigiri. It took me 1/2 an hour to complete this simple bento, ooh... think I really need to plan well ahead to shorten the time.

Little girl peeped into her bento when it was ready, to find this 2 onigiri.

LG: Ma! Who is this guys?
Me: I don know, I made them up, what do u think? Can u use ur imagination to suggest?
LG: They look like bad guys...
Me: Ok, they r thief then, good imagination.

Apple cubes with beautiful food picks

Little girl left with 2 pieces of cucumber and 1 onigiri. Those onigiri must be too big, should make it smaller next time.

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