Friday, September 11, 2009

Potato Croquette Snack Bento (109)

Since there was plenty of mashed potato left after making bento (108), I decided to fried the remaining for the girls as snack after school.

I added chopped ham into the mashed potato, prepared some flour, an egg and finely chopped a piece of bread into bread crumb. After coating a few shaped mashed potatoes with flour, egg then bread crumb, the bread crumb was not enough for the rest (was lazy to chopped 4 more), therefore I decided to experiment the rest with flour, egg coating and flour, egg, flour coating.

This was without bread crumb. The crust turned soft immediately after frying. The flour and egg coating even build out air pocket after cooking, making the croquette wrinkly :(

No doubt the flour, egg & bread crumb coating is the best combination, no wonder all chefs recommended this method. The crust stay crunch & hard even when it was cool off, it's tasty & easy for little hands to hold too

I tell u, the girls gobbled these croquette up so fast, either those croquettes were tasty or they just wanna go to playground faster ;)

Other than sharing the croquettes with the 2 sisters little girl usually shared with, she even offered 2 to R a classmate (& buddy) who goes to day care after school and another 1 to H who is her best friend in the modern dance class.

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