Monday, September 7, 2009

Crab Meat Carbonara Angel Hair Bento (105)

I couldn't think of what bento to make for little girl last nite, asked little girl what would she like, she kept ordering food that ingredients were out of stock at home. I gotta kept asking her til we settled on spegetti (well, I have angel hair instead spegetti) with carbonara sauce. After she went to her bed, I digged into the pantry, found a can of crab meat, hm... it should go well with carbonara sauce.

The whole bento took me about 30 minutes, from cooking, cutting, packing til washing.

Angel hair with crab meat, mushroom and green peas carbonara sauce

Orange & pickled guava in the orange peel cup

2 little quail eggs and a little container of grated parmesan cheese

After snapping the above pics, some of the animals (food picks) decided to join in:

Those animal food picks can really sparked & turned the bento looking cute

A closer look of the animals

Little girl enjoyed this bento very much, she left with only 1 egg and the guava though she had a heavy breakfast in the morning. She used to eat guava which I pickled with dried sour plum, but she would refused to eat them when she don see those sour plum bits, what a weird kid I have +_+.

While waiting for little girl in the school canteen, I chatted with Eve, who visited my blog, and dropped comments or questions at the chat box. We had a good conversation on baking breads, swapping experiences. Here is a msg to Eve, I googled about the water measurement conversion from gram to ml, the answer is here, it stated that 1 g of water is equivalent to 1 ml. Therefore, my assumption was correct & that was why ur bread dough was too wet.

Anyway, nice chatting with u, Eve.


Jess said...

wow! yummy! my kids would love them very much....

kel said...

Thanx, Jess!