Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Happy Birthday, Ah Ba!

We celebrated my dad's birthday yesterday, it was a day full of Hainanese delicacies.

We started off with making the Hainanese steamed cakes 'hi bua' (in Hainanese), which is one of my dad's old time favorite. I gotta recipe from Yum Yum magazine recently. This steamed cake is very difficult to get nowadays as very few peoples making or selling it. After making the cakes, I found it not only delicious but easy too.

Made 24 of the 'hi bua'

It is wrapped in banana leave

The filling: cooked coconut floss with sugar & chopped peanuts

We had the 'hi bua' with ginko & barley sweet soup (白果薏米糖水) cooked by mum, yummy!

At the evening, bro suggested to goto the Kheng Heong Restaurant which is situated at Brickfield.

It is owned by Hainanese, the food r superdelicious!

We started with this tofu soup

Fish head with chilies (red chilies, green chilies, bird eyes chilies and dried chilies)
I love this dish, almost down the whole plate of rice with its gravy.

Fried squids
I like this too, it was not like those ordinary fried squids but with a little surprise => it was filled with mayo

Boxing chicken
This was a hit among the kids, little girl ate 3!

Marmite pork ribs
I didn't try this, as they were all in big pieces, however, the marmite gravy was tasty.

What a wonderful day, all tummies were full & filled with satisfactions.


Emily said...

I think i need to eat one to comment further......... ;) ;) ;)

kel said...

Hey, Emily, have u ever eat the hi bua since u r a Hainanese too?

Emily said...

thats the problem... too long ago to remember how it taste like!! ;)

kel said...

Yeah, so difficult to get it nowadays.