Sunday, September 13, 2009

A Day Full of Bread Making Fun

It was a very busy, tiring but fun day for me yesterday, I'd started making doughs for bread/ buns from about 2pm and finished baking the last batch at about 9pm!

Eve (she has made a few comments at my chat box, & met her personally for the 1st time on last Mon) dropped by at 3pm to join me with the bread making fun. We made 4 batches of bread doughs, inclusive 1 of Eve's.

The 1st batch we made was whole meal sausage buns + about 6 dried prawn sambal buns:

The 1 at top right is the dried prawn sambal bun (in round shape), the rest r sausage buns in different shapes

Common looking sausage roll, the sausage was totally hidden by the dough after proofing & baking

The sausage was rolled with a long strip of bread dough

Sausage in braided dough

Dried prawn sambal bun
After folding in all the sausages, I still have 6 bread doughs left, found the sambal dried prawn (cooked by Serdang aunt) in fridge, decided to fill it into the remaining doughs

The 2nd batch was ham & cheese bread loaf:

It was very tall, spongy & creamy

The inner look

I made the 1st & 2nd batches of dough b4 Eve arrived, as she wanna look see the process of it, I showed her with the 3rd batch. We turned the dough into bacon & cheese swirls.

So yummilicous!

Eve handled the 4th batch, which turned into more sausage buns and bacon & cheese swirls.

I was glad that I didn't make any mistakes during the bread making process, was extremely satisfied with those buns & a bit hyper too at the end of the day, think was due to the tiredness. Also, felt a bit paiseh (sorry) to let Eve (and her son GV) for staying til so late (about 9+pm), hope it was a fun & fruitful day for both of u too, Eve.


javapot said...

how fun. yeah bread making needs a lot of time to proof the bread. call me if u keen on doing this again esp since long weekend!

kel said...

Sure, Javapot! I'll give u a call if we plan something out.

pekchek queen said...

that ham cheese bread looks like the ones you can get from bread story...

jie jie, have you tried making or eating dates pudding cake? *i dont really know what do they call it* but its reeeeaaaally nice especially when you eat it warm with butterscotch..

kel said...

Hi girl, ya, I imitated the bread ;p Luckily I had witness to see me bake it, else everybody'll tot I bought from bread story-d (-.-)'''

Date pudding cake, never try it nor hear of it b4, get me one, may b I'll try imitate it again =b