Thursday, November 19, 2009

Pre-Birthday Celebration 1-2009

Times really fly this year, all of the sudden, it has come to the end of the school year, and this means it's getting closer to little girl's birthday. Since this is her final year in her pre-school, I decided to bake her a cake, instead of buying it from Bread Story (like this & this last year), as I able to get the cake topper easily from Bake with Yen.

I used the strawberry cake recipe from Cake's Talk by Wendy Kor for the sponge cake. I planned out the baking & icing of the cake on different days as I afraid if something goes wrong, I'd had spare time to make another one. Luckily everything went well, the only mistake I did was I used peanut oil instead of corn oil for the sponge cake, thus the cake carry the smell of peanut butter, ;p

I split the sponge cake to 2 layers, iced a thick layer of cream and placed lots of cubed strawberries at the center of the cake. I really need more practices on icing the outer layer as u may see from the pic, it is not smooth at all.

Little girl requested to place the shinny sugar beads at her cake and I got them placed at the side of the cake. I'm very happy on how the cake turn out, it really build up my confidents now.

Verdict on the cake: very soft & spongy, strawberries was too sour, but luckily it turned out ok after blending with the icing. Little girl & her classmates enjoyed it very much and so did I, happy ;)


Duckz said...

Wow! Great baking! The cake looks oh so gorgeous as if it's purchased from a bakery ;)
Seriously wanna try out the moist choc cake... when i have the time :)
Till then, Happy Graduation to your little one... plus mine too :)

javapot said...

hey fantastic job, looks like u got from bakery...thot it was until i read your post properly!!! :)

kel said...

Ooh, thanks Duckz, thanks javapot! Both of u really make my day ;)

Jess said...

Kelly, you are great...salute salute...

kel said...

U make me shy leh, Jess :p