Monday, November 16, 2009

Devil Eggs & Mashed Potato Bento (125)

Promised little girl for a mashed potato bento last nite, just b4 I slept, the image of devil egg 'pop' into my mind, since little girl will be at pre-school very early today for her concert's full-dress rehearsal (on modern dance), I'll have the whole morning to play in the kitchen, ;p

I spend about 1 1/2 hours in the kitchen, yeah, had so much fun, especially when playing with those nori expressions.

Ms devil eggs - stuffed with mashed potato, green pea and sausage

Ms elephant mashed potato and Mr bear mushroom gravy

2 Ms cocktail sausages & 2 Mr mandarin oranges

I'd to rush little girl to eat fast today, as she'll need to change for her afternoon class rehearsal, thus with no surprise, she ate only 1/2 of Ms elephant, 1 Ms devil egg and both Ms cocktail sausages. However, she cleaned up the remaining bento (except the tomato & mandarins) after her classes at the evening, she told me she forgot to eat it during snack time, luckily I always pack her the ice pack & the weather is quite chilly the whole day.


3lilangels said...

Cute bento. I've never thought of moulding mash potato this way. Cool!

kel said...

Thank you, 3lilangels.

javapot said...

did u pan fry with some breadcumbs and panko? havent tried this be4 either and interested to know tks

kel said...

Just like frying the croquettes, flour the stuffed eggs, dip into beaten egg, follow by a thin layer of breadcrumbs, & fry until golden brown.

Susan Yuen said...

Very cute! Love the elephant. :)

kel said...

Thanks, Susan!