Thursday, November 19, 2009

Pikachu & Fried Kuey Teow Bento (126)

This is the final bento for this school year, though I don have much time & ingredients left at home to prepare it, I wanted to make something special for little girl. I used about 45 minutes to complete the bento.

Little girl is a big fan of pocket monster lately, she has a booklet introducing all the characters of pocket monsters, I tell u, she loves it til she flip thru it almost everyday, & it is a bit worn out now. She loves to trace on her favorite characters and sometimes even reading the booklet while doing her big business in the toilet.

Though Pikachu is not really her favorite, I think she'll be delighted to see it in her bento. Pikachu is laying on a bed of fried kuey teow with cabbage & bacon. The Pikachu is made of cheese & seaweed, ketchup for the rosy cheek.

Shaped grass jelly & a little mandarin.

Little girl was too excited to eat today, she was more looking forward for her snack, cos she was going to celebrate her early birthday with her classmates (see the cake I baked her here). At least, she managed to eat all the grass jelly and 1/2 of the fried kuey teow.

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