Sunday, November 8, 2009

Hot & Spicy Buns/Breads

Baked 2 batches of breads on Sun, little girl & picky eater Y requested animal shaped buns, made them happy with the followings:

2 elephant curry chicken buns

and 2 piggie curry chicken buns

Found a few sticks of leftover chili sausages in mum's fridge to make do this sausage buns

And a pack of nearly expiring spicy bbq pork slices (don know where mum & dad got it from) to make these

Made this 3 tiny hot dog buns plain with leftover dough

Mum cooked 2 pots of curry chicken, the wet version to go with rice and the dry version to stuff into the bread

I forgot to capture a photo b4 we feast on the curry chicken bread, sorry, that proofed that everybody just couldn't wait to tear the bread out for the curry, ;)


3lilangels said...

So cute. You've won me over. I must get a breadmaker during the year end sales.

kel said...

Hi, 3lilangels, u don need a breadmaker for these, just a heavy duty mixer & oven will do. Or u may hand-knead it if u wanna have a good work-out, ;)