Monday, November 9, 2009

Hot Dog Bento (123)

I kept one of the plain bun for this from last nite's bread basket. This bento is a speedy, I only wasted time on the 2 tiny shaped sausages.

Don ask me what animal is this, I just stuffed in the split sausage into the bun and stick on the remaining nori

The left one is quite obvious is a frog, whereas the right one => I don know again ;p

As I don wanna the moist from the cucumber & tomato to make the bun soggy, I placed them in separately

Some ketchup & mayo for dipping and plum slices.

Little girl waked up very late today, having stuffy nose and keep sleeping back after waking up in the morning. It turned out that she is quite moody & lost of appetite today. She ate the 2 shaped sausages, 1 or 2 bites from the hot dog, all the cucumber slices and a few of the tomato.


javapot said...

cute sausage frogs!

kel said...

Thanks, javapot!

3lilangels said...

The one next to the frog is a mouse of course. Very nice for a speedy bento.

Hope she's better today. My two younger ones are having flu too. Sigh!

kel said...

Thanks 4 ur comment, 3lilangels. She's better now, at least not as moody as that day, ;) Hope urs getting well soon to have a good start on the long holiday.