Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Marble Cake

I baked a cake for little girl's early birthday celebration with all her classmates in her pre-school. (That cake was a success, will post it up later on.) After baking the cake, dad was flipping the recipe book I used, then he told me he wanna a butter cake, hey, of course gotta quickly bake 1 for him ;) I chose this marble cake to please my ah ba ;p. The recipe was adapted from Wendy Kor's Cake's Talk.

Sorry about the photos, were taken by my mobile as I'd left my camera at home.

It looked slightly burned as I baked it 10 minutes longer than the suggested time as the center was not quite done

It rise highly, love the contrast of dark & light brown

I'd have stirred the batter more b4 baking it, as it don really look like marble

The verdict: taste very milky, buttery & chocolaty, yum! Dad likes it, so does little girl, me => happy!


Susan Yuen said...

That looks delicious!

kel said...

It is very yummy, Susan!