Thursday, November 12, 2009

My 1st Sewing Project

Little girl's modern dance teacher has requested for a black legging as 1 of her costume at the soon coming pre-school concert. I'd been searching high & low for it, there r plenty of purple, white & pink but couldn't get 1 black at all. At last, I managed to get it at Anakku, The Curve, a very simple, bare & expensive legging =>

It is so basic looking and I'm afraid little girl won't wanna wear it again after her concert

I promised little girl I'd do some magic on the legging, and I got these:

Pink color lace,

a rope of sparkling 'diamonds'

and 4 sparkling crystal buttons

Thus, with a few hours of 'ouch' (needle poking on finger), 'ooh man' (thread was straggled into knob), 'hai' (sewed at the wrong place) and .... (holding breath while sewing) I managed to get this =>

Doesn't it look much girlie & pretty now comparing to the 1st photo

A closer view, I'm so proud of myself ;p

P/s Little girl wear it to her modern dance class today, there r ppl asking me where did I buy the legging, see, it'd turned into an eye catching legging, I tell them where I gotta it and proudly announce that I added the lace myself, hehehe....


Emily said...

Oh OH!!!

You caught the sewing bug!!! Nothing can save you N.O.W.!!

But it feels damn good right???

kel said...

Emily! I wish I could sew/knead just like u! Next time must 'bai si' (learn) from u-d.

Oh yeah, were so happy after seeing the end product ;)

3lilangels said...

Good handiwork. Can we look forward to more sewing projects?

kel said...

Thanks, 3lilangels! More sewing project? Oh man, my fingers will be full of plasters ;p

javapot said...

hey great job, i also like :)

btw how u sew the bead rope?

kel said...

Thanks, javapot!

For the rope of 'diamond', I sew at the hole between those 'diamonds'.