Friday, November 6, 2009

Pork Stew & Pocket Monster Pasta Bento (122)

Cooked a big pot of pork on Wed nite with lots of tofu, konnyaku jelly, mushrooms and quail eggs. The preparation of this bento was rather fast, just cook the pasta, flavored it with the sauce from pork stew and assembled everything into the box. I used most of the time on crafting the apple, took me 10 minutes, I know, I'm pretty slow on this, sigh!

Pocket monster pasta flavored with sauce from pork stew & a bit of soya sauce
Little girl has been crazy with pocket monster lately, when I saw this at Carrefour, couldn't hold myself back to give her a little surprise. She was so delighted to see the pasta and asked me to cook it right away, ;)

From top left: 2 quail eggs, 1 tofu, 3 mushrooms and tiny cubes of cut pork
Didn't include the konnyaku as little girl prefers the noodle version than this jelly/tofu type.

Checkered apple slices
Bought a big Washington apple on Tue for RM2.50, as I like the redness of the apple and it looked so juicy and crunchy too. However, during the crafting process, I was rather disappointed with the texture, not as crunchy as I tot, not nice!

Little girl leftover quite a lot again, half of the pasta, half of the stew assortments and totally forgot of the apple, :(


javapot said...

cute pasta, which cold storage u went to? been trying to find some interesting shaped pasta. tks

kel said...

Terribly sorry, I posted wrongly, I bought the pasta from Carrefour Tropicana City, not Cold Storage.