Thursday, November 12, 2009

Tarako/mentaiko & Sake Angel Hair Bento (124)

This is another yummy & simple version of angel hair other than the usual carbonara version I cooked previously. The original recipe of tarako spaghetti asked for tarako (salted cod roe), butter & soy sauce, but I use salmon & fish roe (sample package shown on bento 119), some mayo, pinch of salt & pepper for my version. Total preparation time was about 20 minutes for 2 bentos.

Today's bento menu:

Tarako & Sake (salmon) angel hair, top with some nori

pan fried long beans & egg omelette

red & yellow plum tomatoes, 2 pieces of persimmon & a tiny mandarin orange

Little girl has fewer leftover today, only a bit of the angel hair, a piece of the omelette, 1 tomato and the persimmon. Little girl dislike persimmon tho it is so sweet & delicious.

My box of bento for lunch

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