Monday, November 30, 2009

Gifted Awards Again

Gotta thanks Javapot for this 2 lovely awards, like the top 1 most cos I don have to type anything extra to claim it ;p

To claim this, I need to list 7 items about myself, so here u go:
  1. I'm a simple person, think simple, dressed simple, eat simple, etc
  2. My most concerned of all is my family
  3. My top interest (still) is bentoing, though has been doing it for almost 2 years
  4. Next to bentoing, I like baking, be it breads, buns or cakes
  5. I love little snacks, that's why u able to find plenty of it in my blog
  6. The little smiles or chuckles from little girl always make my day
  7. I love traveling, wanna re-visit Europe again if possible, especially Germany, just love this country very much.
As for the 7 bloggers I'd like to nominate:
Sorry, I don know many of the bloggers I frequented and lots of them do not post up awards too, thus I keep it simple, posting this 3 cooking mama 1st.


Lia Chen said...

Thanks a lot Kel for the awards. Very honored to get it from you too \(^.^)/

kel said...

Glad u like it, Lia Chen! Thanks for visiting my blog too!

Jess said...

Thanks a lot kel, very happy to receive my very first blogging award from you. emmm....what do i need to do with it? :P

kel said...

Hahaha... u r welcome, Jess! All u need to do is post them up at ur blog (0-<)

javapot said...

Nice knowing more about you Kel, u are always a sporting pal. Btw how is orientation going?

kel said...

Nice to know u too, javapot! No, I didn't sent little girl to the orientation, let her have her final honeymoon holiday b4 the nightmare started ;)

javapot said...

the orientation is not stressful, sure they cover some basic K-stuff but i think its more to orientate the children with the surrounding and classmates. But respect the decision made. Besides i'm sure got more fun & interesting for girlie to do with u! :)