Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tadika Diyana

Due to safety reason and mutual agreement with hubby, I have yet to mention the name of little girl's pre-school. Since little girl has graduated, I would like to share with u more about the pre-school: Tadika Diyana.

I came across of Tadika Diyana 3 years ago after I did a search on the web. My 1st thot about the pre-school was it must be very expensive. However, after paying it a visit, I fell in love with it immediately, I like the school's environments, having its own hall, canteen, field, playgrounds, computer room, music room, library, day care and of course lots of class rooms.

Mega 2

Little girl was 1st going for the Montessori program, she was in Mega 2, who was taught by Ms Mei Fern (there is an article on Ms Mei Fern here, sorry Mei Fern, I have exposed u, hope u don mind). She is a pretty, soft-spoken and caring teacher. Little girl was fine during the 1st 2 weeks in the class, but started crying after I was late to pick her up 1 day. She cried only when she reached the door of M2, usually Ms Mei Fern would signal to me and scooped her into the class, and of course, little girl would screamed and cried more. It was a very tough time for me, most of the time, I would peeked from far to see her settled or sometimes even rushed to car and cried out loud myself :p silly ya? Little girl was famous as a cry baby since then, she cried every morning for close to 2 month, finally ended after some punishments and praises, phew! Anyway, Thank you, Mei Fern.

Mega 6 (5 years old)
Mega 8 (6 years old)

Then I enrolled little girl to the Mandarin session to get her ready for the Chinese primary school. She was in Mega 6, taught by Ms Lee. Ms Lee is a caring, responsible, and a bit strict, but I really like her teaching methods. Little girl didn't speak Mandarin b4 that, but after 1 month + with Ms Lee, during Chinese New Year, lots of my relative were surprised to see little girl communicating in Mandarin. Ms Lee really build up confident for little girl, not only on verbal communication, in proper written format as well.

Little girl was back to cry baby again at the beginning of the school year, it was only due to a male gym teacher, she felt uneasy with him I presumed. She would cling to Ms Lee, cried and not wanting to go to gym class. But after her gym teacher praised her once for not crying, she stopped the crying drama immediately!

I let little girl continued with Ms Lee after knowing that she'd teach the 6 yrs old this year. Throughout this 2 years, Ms Lee has not only taught little girl, she corrected me of some Chinese words too though I am one formally from Chinese school. Little girl speaks confidently in Mandarin now and able to complete her school works with less supervisions. I really appreciate all the efforts and times u put, Ms Lee, 謝謝你,李老師!

Left - school hall
Right - canteen
Center - field

Little girl had her gym, exercises class, school assembly, and some play times with her mates in the hall. At the beginning of this year, she asked to send her to the modern dance class which was conducted in this hall too. I am glad that I'd sent her as I was so happy & proud of her during her dance performance at the school concert.

We had our bento time at the canteen every Thursday of last year and every Monday & Thursday this year. Usually after sending little girl to her additional classes (kids yoga for Mon & modern dance for Thu), I would wait for her at the canteen, either reading some manga or playing the Nintendo DS. Of course, little girl enjoyed her snacks prepared by school (except the red bean soup) too, everyday after school, she'd inform me on the number of bowls she enjoyed, without fail, :)

We had some fun moments too at the field, during Family days and School Open days. Little girl loves running around with her mates after school.


This playground may look small, but it holds lots and lots of fun moments for little girl. She played with her best mates HS and friends from other classes, everyday (except Fri, as she need to goto mental arithmetic class) for almost an hour after school, we were usually the last to leave school :p

They liked to play in this little hut next to the playground too.

Remember Nick and Roy, little girl's pet tortoise? They have settled well in the little pond, guess they won't go hungry as they r love by all the kids.

Last but not least, I would like to thanks Mrs Yee (administrative) and Ms Lau (MD) for listening to us (Rachel & me), to reconsider on holding this year's school concert, though it was delays, it means a zillion to us seeing our kids performed on stage. Thank you!

And to Mr Ng (the principle), though has seldom speak to u, u did a great job on leading all the teachers and act as the fierce teacher most of the time. Used ur name to threaten little girl a few times, it worked all the time! Thank you!

Well, I'm sure, not only will little girl miss her pre-school, I'll definitely miss my time there too...


javapot said...

The environment may be a big contrast when she starts P1 school (if its the same school u mentioned to me much earlier in the year). Heard many parents like this kindergarden for the reasons u mentioned. Any how, I'm sure your daughter will be fine - after all mine survived, ha ha.

kel said...

Well, i won't be surprised if little girl cry at the beginning of P1, knowing she is a cry baby ;p Since everybody survived, i'm sure she will too. Thanks for ur concerned, javapot.