Thursday, July 16, 2009

Vanilla Butter Cream & Chocolate Bits Swirl Snack Bento (97)

Little girl loves vanilla butter cream, she always ask to buy her Gardenia's or Hi-5's vanilla butter cream buns whenever we goto the petrol kiosk, she could eat 2 in 1 go!!! I googled for the recipe, found from most sites that the ingredients r just butter, icing sugar, milk and vanilla essence (followed recipe from here), thus gave it a try (half from recipe) to satisfy little girl.

The result was a super sweet cream, not exactly like those cream we ate in the commercial bun. However, as not to waste it, I spread it on whole meal bread, sprinkled some chocolate bits and rolled it into a swirl.

Whenever little girl's class in preschool ended, she would refuse to left her class until her best buddy - HS's mum came, the girls will play at the playground while we mother chatted at the side watching them. I would prepare some snacks for the girls sometimes, watching them snatching & munching fast really made me laugh.

However, after I got the snack to little girl's school today, her friend had left early with the daddy, oh o, that was plenty of breads I prepared. Then I found N (Duckz's son) with his cousin & grandma, I offered the sandwiches to them, N took 1, had a bite and quickly passed it to grandma, hahaha... it was too sweet for his liking too ^~*

We went to the car, little girl refused to try the sandwiches too after seeing N rejecting it, then I cheated her to try 1, at 1st, she ate it angrily, after finishing it, she asked for more, hahaha... girl prefer sweets than boy! U know what, we emptied the box during our car journey, not bad-huh?


javapot said...

my son also likes the gardinia cream filled buns. agree with u perhaps we girls have a sweeter tooth?

kel said...

Yes, even hubby oso can't tahan the sweetness, can't imagine how ppl ate cakes spread with this cream.