Monday, July 20, 2009

Bacon, Broccoli & Quail Eggs Roti Canai Pie Bento (98)

Little girl requested roti canai for her bento last nite, ok, another chance for me to play with the dough again, ;p I used it as pastry dough to make this pie, stuffed with bacon, broccoli and 2 quail eggs. This was how I did it, very simple & easy:
  1. Deep fry the bacon til crisp, wiped off the oil, cut into small pieces
  2. Chop broccoli into small pieces, saute in remaining bacon fat in the pan, put in bacon pieces, continue cooking for another few minutes
  3. Cut a circle of roti canai dough using mold as guideline, lightly press the dough into mold, using fork to make some holes at the dough
  4. Spoon the broccoli mixture into mold, crack in 2 quail eggs, cover another layer of dough on the top of mold, using fork to press around the side of dough to seal the edges
  5. Bake at oven toaster for 20 minutes (cover the top of pie with aluminum foil after 5 minutes of baking to restrain it from being charred), done.

This is how it turned out after baking (this is the top of the pie), look like those store bought pie-huh...

... this is the bottom of the pie, isn't it cute?

I used 15 minutes to prepare & cook the pie stuffings, 20 minutes on baking, 15 minutes on packing and taking photos. U must be wondering why it took me so long to pack the bento & the photo taking, let me tell u why...

At 1st, everything were packed into this boxes, after snapping photos, I realized I couldn't close & stack up those boxes nicely due to the height of the pie...

... oh well, threw them into another box, which is higher & smaller, snapped more photos :)

So, this is how it went to Little Girl's pre-school finally, I got the container of curry placed separately due to the size of the bento box. The contents of today's bento:

Bacon, broccoli & quail eggs roti canai pie,

cherries, grapes and mangoes.

When little girl saw me using the roti canai dough fixing into a pie this morning, she was not quite happy with the idea, as she wanted the roti canai to be normal, ;p sorry, dear, mummy oledi transformed it into a pie. However, when she ate it for her lunch, she liked it, as it was big, she left with only the bottom part of a quarter! All the grapes & cherries had gone into her tummy, and she told me she disliked the mangoes after eating 1 piece.

Woohoo! Another successful experiment with roti canai dough! Also, it is not necessarily to bake the dough in pre-heated oven, I experimented it with toaster oven, which don need pre-heating & cook in lesser time, double thumbs up! ^.^


3lilangels said...

Oh, you used a heart shaped mould for the bottom. So cute and yet another creative idea to use with Roti Canai.

kel said...

Hehehe... if u r tire of normal roti canai, do give this a try ;)