Monday, July 13, 2009

Noodle & Broccoli Bento (95)

Another simple bento today, all ready in about 20 minutes :)

There r 3 de-skinned mangosteens and 2 grape tomatoes...

noodle mixed with some oyster sauce, soy sauce, black soy sauce and some oil (I didn't place the noodle in heart shape, it was just coincidence)...

flavored quail eggs I bought from HK and some blanched broccoli.

Little girl liked the noodle and eggs, ate half of the broccoli (she complained they r hard, should have blanched a bit longer) and left those big pieces of mangosteen (she always dislike those big pieces due to the seed).

Oh yeah! There is a tip I would like to share here, it is the energy saving way to cook dried noodles, like soba, flat noodle (like above), udon, and even pasta:
  1. boil water in pot
  2. place dried noodle into boiled water, cover lid, boil for another 1 minute
  3. off heat, keep noodle in covered pot according to the cooking time specified in package instructions
  4. drain, ready to serve
The noodles will be soft and ready to eat just like boiling them with heat, do try out urself with this energy saving way.

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