Thursday, July 23, 2009

Crepe Specially Dedicated to Robert

Yes, it's for u, Robert or Mr. Prediger, as promised.

I know Robert since 1998 (am I right, Robert?) when my ex-company sent me to his office at Munich, Germany for system training (I was a systems consultant then). His team trained me well with the system.

I remembered he and his coleague Christopher brought me out for dinner one evening. When I saw his car while we were leaving the office, I basically begged him to let me sat on it, cos it was Alfa Romeo's Spider! He was kind enough too, to sent me off to airport in his Spider on the Autobahn, cool-huh, super cool too to have a handsome "kuai low" (European in Cantonese) beside me ;p

I was very lucky to be involved in his company's system, as later, after Christopher resigned from their company, I was the one who represented his team to conduct training for The Grand Hotel Mercure at Tallinn, Estonia (it is changed to Meriton Grand Hotel Tallinn now). Ok, I was like, "Eh! Where on earth is this country?" when I heard it, found it only when I opened up the map. I was at the hotel on January 1999, and it was the 1st time I experienced a white winter and seeing snows falling from the sky. Yeah! Being a typical one who come from a country that having summer all year round, I definitely got to feel those snows. I remembered I sneaked out to the hotel's car park at the 3rd morning, looking at the snows flying down, feeling it... never know that the girls at the hotel reception all laughing at my silly acts and thanks to them, the news spread to Robert's ear. His team emailed me a photo where all of them posting outside of office with snows surrounding them, and even builded a snowman for me, so sweet.

Then we met again at Burl Al Arab, for twice, we spent nites after nites partying 2gether, at the Hard Rock Cafe. Oh, again I was so so lucky, I gotta stayed at this 7 stars hotel, for 3 nites!! Also, if I was not wrong, I could be the 1st Malaysian who stayed there!!! It is such a luxury hotel, I was really speechless...

Ok, enough of the old time stories... back to the crepe, I don remember I ever treated Robert any lunch or dinner, and I know 1 crepe is definitely not enough for u (but it was the only one left), but since u'd asked, it has to go to u...

the crepe...

... the requested cinnaman sugar,

... and blueberry jam.

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kel said...

This was Robert's comment from Facebook:

Wow, that's really really cool!!!
I'll enjoy it. That's exactly what I need now!

Thank you very much!

And thanks for the great old time story. ;)

You know, on the way to the airport we did take an alternative route, to get a speed over 210km/h. You should have seen the smile of this pretty woman to my right, unaffordable.
BTW: Not for the speed, but for keeping short distance I got a ticket lateron. ;)

And yes, Burj Al Arab was great.
You forgot, that you should have been at honeymooning at this time. The controller (Jean Claude) told me, we should invite your husband as well so we can make it possible to get the training at this time. Your husband didn't come, but instead of being honeymooning, you came without him. ;)

Thank you very much for all you have done for me!
Sometimes, somewhere we arrange to meet again. :)