Thursday, July 23, 2009

Chicken Wraps Bento (99)

Remember I made some crepes few days ago, I oledi had this bento in mind, I kept 3 crepes for today. I bought a piece of fried chicken chop on Tue's pasar malam (night market), just need to re-heat it in oven toaster this morning for 5 minutes. The whole bento was ready in 10 minutes, fast-huh, I was surprised too when I looked at the clock.

On a crepe, I layered a piece of lettuce, 2 or 3 cucumber slices, 2 big pieces of sliced fried chicken, squeezed in some mayo and ketchup, another layer of lettuce and wrapped them up.

Wrapped it in grease proofed paper, one for little girl, one for me (as for the last piece of crepe, read on for the next posting)
Cut it into half, put them into bento box
Add in some sliced pineapple, cherries and grapes.
A new bento box I bought from 100 Yen shop at Jln. Kuchai Lama yesterday.

Little girl ate half of the wrap, she said she prefers it with vanilla butter cream and chocolate bits * roll eyes * As for the fruits, she left 2 cherries.

Tell u something, I managed to influence more people into bentoing! First, it was little girl's ex-classmate, HL (who joined little girl for lunch every Thu), proudly pulled out her new 2 tiers bento box from bag to show me, also showing me her meal: minced meat stuffed in shell pasta and some fruits, such a lovely and happy girl.

Next came a worried mum & a daughter to our table, the mother told me that her daughter refused to eat the school prepared lunch, but when she saw what I prepared for little girl, she said she'll try bentoing too for her daughter. :)

Glad to see and hear more mums preparing bentos for their love one now. Such a wonderful day! Don u agree?

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