Thursday, July 16, 2009

Maki sushi Bento or Fruit Bento? (96)

This is today's bento, u may realize I have more fruits than the main meal ^_^

I spent about 30 minutes in the kitchen preparing it, mainly to re-heat the pork chop, rice, fish noodle, then roll the maki, skinned the longan and lastly had them all packed nicely into box.

At the beginning, I was unsure whether the pork chop would go well with cucumber, well, it turned out delicious!

Little girl's favorite: fish paste noodle

Another favorite: longan

More favorites: grapes and cherries

Little girl loves the maki, she ate a few at home too, she managed to wash out the maki and fish paste noodle, left with some fruits. Think if she had enough time earlier, she would most probably down all the fruits too.

I was not so sure with the title today, should it be the maki sushi bento...

... or the fruits bento?

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