Monday, July 6, 2009

Baked Pasta & Cheese Bento (93)

I was tired & lazy last nite, didn't plan out anything for today's bento, the snooze mode was still continuing this morning, thus I took out the pasta & cheese I made last week (stored in the freezer), baked it in the toaster oven, then blanched the sausages, edamame, artificial crab stick and corns. Everything was ready in 15 minutes.

Contains of bento: baked pasta & cheese, sausage flowers, crab stick flowers, edamame, pear & orange slices.

Little girl left with the pear slices only today, wonder why she dislike the pear?


Susan Yuen said...

Looks great! My kids love baked pasta too.

kel said...

Yeah! One of little girl's favorite too!

javapot said...

where have u been taking your pictures?

pasta is definitely my son's fav too! somehow he also don't like pears, funny.

kel said...

Hehehe... took them at 2 places, either at kitchen's table top (the black back ground) or LG's study table (the white back ground, we just had the table made 4 month ago) with natural sunlight.