Thursday, July 2, 2009

Birthday Cake Sushi Bento (92)

It is my birthday today, sigh... another year older-d....

Little girl waked up happily this morning, kissed & wished me a happy birthday, she told me this too: "Mummy, I'm sure won't let u angry today, I'll be good girl & listen to u!" Oh well, kids... talk only-lah!

I thot of making little girl sushi rolls for bento last nite, then I changed my mind, why don make her sushi cake since it's my birthday, it'll be much more interesting.

In the morning, I started with blanching french bean, edamame and some corn, followed with frying the egg, then fixing the sushi cake.

As I don have round mold on hand, I used this flower shape mold, layered with rice, cucumber, cheese, rice, ham from bottom to top, and decorated the cake with drops of mayo, corns and a cucumber knot.

I used heart shaped mold for the 2nd sushi rice, again layered it with rice, cucumber, cheese, rice, smoked salmon and decorated it with mayo.

I got this fried egg idea from here, though it is in Chinese, it contains photo instructions that explain in detail.

Lastly, I put in some orange slices, a container of ketchup and some edamame to fill up the gaps. Total time used up => about 45 minutes.

Little girl adored this bento, she just couldn't resist cake, though it was made of rice ;p. She kept 2 slices of the fried egg for her snack and emptied the rest. Obviously, by seeing her enjoying her bento oledi made me happy :)


javapot said...

happy birthday - what a sweet daughter you have. i also like your bday bento box.

nice egg omelette, tks for sharing link.

shoppingmum said...

Happy Birthday to you!

kel said...

Thank u, javapot & shoppingmum!