Thursday, July 1, 2010

Sunflower Bento (228)

Learned a tip from 料理美食王,李梅仙老師 yesterday, on how-to prepare glass noodle (aka cellophane noodle or dong fen 冬粉) b4 frying.  Quickly put into practice this morning before I forgotten :)    

Well, usually we'll soak the glass noodle into water, let it soften before we cook it right?  Wrong method, as the grass noodle will be sticky and forming a big lump after it was cooked and cool off.  Have u ever faced this before?  Her tip was cooked the dried hard glass noodle in boiling water, once they r soften, transfer them into cold water, give it a good wash just like hand washing ur cloths!  Then continue frying it just like usual, the glass noodle won't be starchy or sticky after the cooking or once cool, yippee!

I fried the grass noodle with some chopped tomatoes and scrambled eggs, yum!  Bento was packed in 20 minutes excluding the preparation & cooking time :p

Sunflower was made of a big fish ball (with a quail egg stuffed in, cooked by mum last nite), scrambled eggs and tomatoes as petals
The flower was laying on a bed of fried glass noodle and some edamame, next to it was a box of longan

Note of the day with Castform from Pokemon


HK Choo said...

Thanks for the tips, now only know I had been doing it the wrong way all the while, hahah..

Lovely cheery Sunflower!

kel said...

Well, u r not alone, me too, and even my mum, I believe most ppl doing the same too :p