Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Kiddy Pizza & Cheesy Macaroni Bento (241)

Little girl made 2 pieces of pizzas for her breakfast and bento this morning, she did everything herself, from cutting the tomatoes & sausages til fixing the pizza.  I only helped her placed the pizzas into the toaster oven and got them out when they were ready.

Then, she asked for cheese macaroni for her lunch, thus I made a small portion along for her bento as I found a piece of the pizza is very little for her.  Sorry, I don remember how much time we used on this bento, it was long for sure.

4 small pieces of pizzas, 1 cheese macaroni and 4 longans

Quiz of the day with Surskit from Pokemon


Lia Chen said...

Just curious, did she answer correctly? hehehe ... pizza & cheesy macaroni are great foods :)

kel said...

Morning, Lia Chen. Yes, she did, little girl said the questions were easy, and asked me not to write the answer next time :)