Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Rabbit Bento (237)

Bought a potato croquette from Jusco Mid Valley yesterday, planned to use it in today's easy & small bento.  I added a piece of chicken nugget into the bento as I found it is too little food for little girl.  Took 10 minutes to warm the nugget and croquette, cook the edamame, skinned and de-seeded the longans, packed bento in less than 5 minutes.

When I place the nugget and croquette into the bento, I found them resembled a rabbit!  

A fat and cute rabbit chewing on a grass
(Head of rabbit: chicken nugget and seaweed as eye & nose,
body of rabbit: croquette)

More fatty rabbits
(longans with rabbit picks)

Note of the day with Shaymin from Pokemon


HK Choo said...

So cute!

kel said...

Oh yes, HK and thanks!

Emily said...

Yes Yes! I do see a rabbit... and a cutesy one too!

kel said...

Thank u, Emily!